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No two projects are the same.

Each project has a unique look and feel within the larger connecting design scope. This is necessary as while these projects are all within the same general market, they cater to largely different demographics and are as much as several hours apart from one another in or near resorts that appeal to different lifestyles. Each project is broken down into sections that can be linked to and navigated with anchors in the menu, and extended into an additional page down once sufficiently dense with content. This lets each project and each section within each project grow independently one another without tripping up the user experience as a whole.

Niche Appeal

The market for these sorts of properties are very select. In a lot of real estate, the product is treated as the most important purchase of the customer’s life - their first and primary residence. In a lot of other cases, real estate is an investment, such as the never ending condominium market of Toronto. Condominiums and cottages in northern Ontario, however, appeal to a select market of people looking for a home away from home to engage an outdoor lifestyle from. To engage these customers, we organized promotional events and brought them to us. Here are some of the eblasts we constructed to promote these events. Each event has their own feel and function, and promote a specific property to a well groomed list of interested parties.

Escape The City email blast
Muskoka in the City email blast
The Great Muskoka Revival email blast
Move in this Winter email blast